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How to convert Outlook email to pdf

If you want to save one of your outlook emails as a pdf file, then you can do that by following the below steps. Outlook does not have any direct feature to do this, so we use MS Word as an intermediate place holder in the conversion to pdf file.

  • Open the email and copy the email content(Ctrl-A followed by Ctrl-C)
    Open Word application (Execute winword from Run)
    Paste the content copied from the email.
  • If you are using Office 2010, then click save as in the Word application. Office 2007 does not have this feature. You need to install ‘Save as pdf‘ add-on.  Scroll down further for instructions to install this add-on.
  • Enter file name
  • In the ‘save as type’ field, click on the drop down list and select ‘PDF

Save email content as pdf file

Include From,To fields and other headers in the pdf:

If you copy content from the email, it does not include from, to fields and time stamp information. To include this data, you can do a small trick. Open the email message and click on Forward. Now copy the content from the window, and discard the message. The copied content includes all the headers also. You can also use ‘Reply‘ button instead of ‘Forward‘.

Install ‘Save as pdf’ addon in Outlook 2007

Download the addon from Microsoft office portal

Double click the file and install it as per the instructions on the screen.

After the addon installation, you would be able to see save as pdf option in the file menu in Word application.

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