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Configure fingerprint login Dell laptop

My new laptop Dell Latitude E7450 has Broadcom fingerprint scanner. The OS image that I received with the laptop did not have the updated drivers installed for this device and I had trouble in configuring finger print based login.

When I opened bio-metric device settings in control panel, it was showing unavailable status as below.

Fingerprint scanner unavailable

I tried update driver option from Device management console(devmgmt.msc) without success. It said ‘Windows has determined that the driver software for your device is up to date’. Next, I uninstalled and installed the driver software. This too did not help as it installed the same version driver.

Finally I could fix the problem after installing latest driver for the device from dell website.

    1. Go to //www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/latitude-e7450-ultrabook/drivers/advanced
    2. Click on ‘Find it myself’ tab.
    3. Go to ‘security’ drivers
    4. Download latest software for ‘Dell ControlVault Driver’

As of now, the direct link for the latest driver is //downloads.dell.com/FOLDER03570999M/2/Security_Driver_WDRHG_WN64_3.3.14.68_A19_01.EXE

Downloaded the driver and rebooted my laptop as it prompted. After this I could see link to scan my finger prints.

Click on ‘User your fingerprint with Windows’ that takes you to a window where you can select your finger and scan prints. These steps are explained in detail in one of the previous posts – How to configure finger print based login.

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