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Syncing firefox bookmarks sync key

Recently I had to switch to a new laptop at my workplace.  I had to return the old one before I can get the new one. I had saved all bookmarks, passwords and other preferences information to my sync account provided by Firefox.  I saved the username and password of the account and also the sync key. I did not save the bookmarks on any other device as I was confident that  I would be surely able to get back all my data with the sync key.

When I got my new laptop, it has come with the the latest version – Firefox 31.o which has a different sync mechanism and there’s no way to sync the data saved in the old way.  After doing some search on the google, I did the following to get my data back.


  • I installed Firefox version 28.0 which has the old sync mechanism. I did not have to uninstall 31.0, installing 28.0 has just overridden it.
  • Synced all my bookmarks and passwords to my laptop using the sync key and username/password.
  • Now upgraded to Firefox 31.0


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