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Puttycm Windows 8

PuttyCM is a multi tabbed ssh/telnet client for Windows OS.

Download Putty connection manager

Install the above and Windows 8 setup will automatically download the required versions of .Net Framework. When I installed it on my system, it downloaded 2.o initially and then later downloaded version 3.5 also. It requires these versions even though the system has 4.5 version inbuilt with Windows OS.

You can find detailed setup instructions on this page.  Configuring putty connection manager. However  steps vary slightly on Windows 8.

Steps I followed:

First created the database after launching puttycm.

Closed Puttycm. It asked for the location to store the newly created database file. Select a folder and exit.

open puttycm. Now you can see the database name with ssh/telnet subnodes in the connection manager on the right side.

Create new ssh/telnet connections.

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