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Putty settings

Putty is a popular ssh client for Windows OS. It also supports telnet and rlogin connections. It has many configurable options which are described below.

Putty color settings:

The default background color is black. If you want to set white background, Go to Window -> colours. Enable ‘Use System colors’.

Change putty color

You can also modify the colors using the modify button at the bottom. Select which specific option you want to edit(background color, foreground color etc) and specify the RGB values or select a color using modify button.  After making changes, go to Session and save the settings by clicking on save button.

Auto login with Putty

Putty can save user name but not password.  To specify the user name, go to Connection -> Data, and enter your login id for the remote server in the ‘Auto-login username’ field.

Auto login using putty with user name and password

If you want to auto login using username and password, then you have below two options.

Create a separate session/profile:

You don’t need to type your server name and user name every time you connect to a server. Instead, you can create a separate session for each of the servers, and then load the session corresponding to the required server. This can be done as follows.

When you open putty, you will see the session tab. In the initial configuration, there will be only one session named ‘Default settings‘.

To create a new session, type a name in the text box under ‘Saved sessions‘ and click ‘save‘.

save settings in putty

You can now go ahead and customize the settings. At the end come back to sessions tab and click save button to save all the changes.

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