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Change My documents folder location XP

In Windows XP, the My documents folder of a user normally points to the location [Systemdrive]:Documents and SettingsusernameMy documents. If the system drive (which is usually C:) becomes full and there is no free space available further to store more documents, then we can move the my documents folder to another drive. This post explains how to move my documents to another folder and also to copy the existing documents/data to the new location.

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Right click on My Documents link displayed in the start menu (If you don’t see My documents link in start menu, open your my documents folder in explorer and then right click and select Properties)
  • Select Properties. Now you’ll see a window like below.

  • Here you can change the value in the Target to the path of the new location. But this will not copy existing data/documents to the new location. If you want to do this skip this and do the steps mentioned below.
  • Click on Move button. Now this will open a small window where you need to select the destination folder. You can create a new folder if you want so using  Make new folder button. Click on OK button after selecting the destination folder.
  • Now you are back to My documents properties window. Click on ‘Apply’ button.
  • Now you will be asked ‘would you like to move all of the documents in your old location to the new location you have chosen?’ Click on Yes button.
  • Close My Documents properties window.

If you see target path grayed out and are not able to change the location then read this post My documents target grayed out.

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