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Change My documents location in Windows7

In Windows 7 My documents folder default location is C:UsersLoginidDocuments. For example administrator’s Documents folder would be in C:UsersadministratorDocuments. However this can be changed through Documents properties window. Detailed steps are given below.

  • Click on Start button
  • Right click on Documents
  • Click on Properties

  •  As you can see above, My documents current save location is C:usersTechblogger (Techblogger is the login id of this account)
  • Click on Include a folder button.
  • Select the new location for Documents folder
  • Click on ‘Include Folder
  • You can see that new folder is added to the list of locations for Documents folder. In this example, it is e:docs

 Now click on the new entry added and click on ‘Set save location’

 Now e:docs is the default location for My Documents folder.  To avoid confusion, you can remove the old location from the list using ‘Remove‘ button.

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