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CSCCMD moveshare

CSCCMD  is a client side cache utility which can be used for various Client Side Cache(CSC) management operations. Some of the operations we can perform using this tool are enabling/disabling offline files, pinning files for offline availability, listing the files/folders that are already cached, forcing a share to go offline etc. But all these operations are doable even without csccmd tool. We have UI to enable/disable offline files feature, we can also list the files in the local cache(it’s using UI, not in command line though). Apart from these basic operations CSCCMD is also capable of doing some cache management operations for which there is no alternative way. Let’s see one such operation.

Let’s say we have pinned a share on machine A for offline availability. Now let’s say the share is moved to machine B. But our offline files cache still points to machine A and tries to synchronize local cache by trying to contact machine A which is down. This will cause synchronization failures which we can see in the sync center.

In such a case one solution is to delete the local cache and mark the share on machine B for offline availability. This requires an additional effort and is not appropriate solution if the user has edited the files which are saved on the local cache but not yet synchronized with the server share. In such a case all the changes written to the local cache will be lost.

CSCCMD with moveshare switch can be used to solve this problem. This tool can update the local cache to point to the share on machine B and therafter CSC will do the synchronization with the share on machine B.
If there are any files changed locally, those also will be replicated on the share on machine B. Below is an example to update the cache with the new location of the share.

To move share from machineAshareA to machineBshareB run the below command.

csccmd.exe /moveshare:machineAshareA machineBshareB 
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  • Anonymous January 5, 2011, 1:24 pm

    This works very well in XP – any suggestions as to a tool which can do the same in Windows 7? It looks like csccmd does not work with the new method of storing offline files.

  • Srini January 6, 2011, 1:35 pm

    In windows 7 we can use wmi apis to rename the cache. see the link below for more info.


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