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Keyboard shortcuts for Mozilla Fiirefox

For people who prefer to use keyboard rather than mouse, below are some shortcuts for most common actions while using Firefox web browser.

    Open new tab
    Ctrl -T
    Close tab
    Ctrl – W
    Open history
    Ctrl – H
    Open Downloads windows
    Ctrl -J
    Bookmark current opened page
    Ctrl – D
    Open New window
    Ctrl – N
    Close Window
    Ctrl – W
    Zoom in/Increase font size
    Ctrl  +
    Zoom out/decrease font size
    Ctrl  –
    Clear Private data(cache/form data/ search data/
    History/saved passwords)
    Ctrl – Shift – Delete
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  • Anonymous November 13, 2010, 5:57 pm

    Is there a way to change firefox shortcuts? can i define my own shortcut say for opening a new tab?

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