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Make free phone calls from your gmail account

Google now has come with a new feature called Call phone, which allows users to make calls to mobiles or landlines all over the world from your Gmail account. Gmail before only had video and voice chat support between two PCs but now you can make a call to the other person’s phone from Gmail. So the other person whom you want to talk to, need not sign or have account in Gmail. Unfortunately this feature is now available for US users only. Lets’ hope that it will be enabled for international users very soon!

Steps to make calls from Gmail account:

  • You will see an entry named ‘Call Phone’ in the chat contacts window. Click on the same. If you have not installeded voice and video chat plugin for your browser, you will be asked to install Google voice plug-in.
  • After installing Google voice plug in you can just click on the ‘Call phone’ and dial number or enter contacts name.

You can call any mobile or land line(US and Canada) for free of cost and international calls are billed at very low rates. Calls to France, for example, cost $0.02 per minute and that to India, cost $0,06 per minute.

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  • Mark Grabski September 4, 2011, 9:32 am

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Since free phone calls are only available it appears that for my phone calls made now from Australia and in the future from Spain, as I moving to Spain, I will have to pay. So, I may require some sort of prices made either from Australia or Spain, but only to European Countries. Also I my need to be advised about methods of payment.

    Furthermore, I am using Windows XP and have both, microphone and camera, built in to my laptop. So, additional question is, do I need to use some sort of Google plug to make phone calls from my gmail account.

  • Mark Grabski September 4, 2011, 9:37 am

    Your gmail service of phone calls madeall around the world can be very handy.

    Kind regards
    Mark Grabski

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