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Set default email application

In Windows XP, default email application can be changed in the following way.

Open “Add or remove programs”  wizard either from control panel or by running appwiz.cpl from Run window. Click on ‘Set program access and defaults‘ from the list displayed on the left. You will see the list of configurations available(Computer Manufacturer, Microsoft, Non-Microsoft, Custom). Select Custom from the list. Under the section ‘Choose a default e-mail program’ , you can see a list of email programs.

Now you can select the email application you want and make it the default one.

An alternative way to do this is to open the email application and change the settings. The exact operation varies based on which email application you want to set as the default one. For example, to set Outlook as the default email client do the following steps.

Open Outlook application
Select Tools -> Options
Select ‘Other’ tab

Then select the radio button “Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, contacts and Calendar”.

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