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Stop other users files synchronization

Offline files has a single copy of cache where all the users offline enabled files are stored. This causes inconvenience to users even if they are not using offline files. Let’s say there are two users A and B. A has logged into the system and marks a network share for offline caching. Share is synced up and now A logs off and B logs in.  Now offline files, from B’s login session, tries to sync the files which A has mad available offline. User B, who does not have any idea of this, will be prompted for credentials for accessing the network share. This keeps on popping up again and again and B have to face the trouble of closing synchronization window every time.

This issue can be fixed by installing the fix available at //support.microsoft.com/kb/811660

This fix is also available in XP Service Pack2.

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  • davinkarlson April 9, 2011, 10:24 pm

    I'm using an XP Service Pack 3 client with this very same issue. I've tried to apply the hotfix (811660) on top of SP3 but it fails saying that the service pack is newer than the hotfix I'm trying to apply. I assume that this hotfix was rolled into SP3. Any ideas?

  • Srini April 11, 2011, 5:35 am

    Yes, this is pre SP2 hotfix and so service pack 2 and 3 should have the fix.

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