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Turn your windows 7 computer to a WiFi router

I have been using Windows 7 OS since the time it was released and I never have had felt so good about Windows 7 till I have got to know about this tip. If you have two laptops or PCs at home and have one LAN internet connection with out wireless router then this one will help you to connect both your laptops to the internet.

What do I need to setup Wi-Fi Router:

  • Both your PCs should be Wi-Fi enabled. 
  • Atleast one of the computers should be running on Windows 7.

Steps to create Wi-Fi hotspot:

  • Download the Connectify software from //www.connectify.me/
  • In default installation it will create an icon in system tray. Click on it to open the application. You can open it also from All Programs -> Connectify .
  • Enter a name for the Wi-Fi connection and also create a password.
  • Choose LAN connection if you have a cable internet connection. Otherwise choose Wireless.
  • Click on the button ‘Create Hotspot

That’s all,  you are done. Now check for this new wireless connection availability from your other PC.

This works like a charm. I have not faced any issue in setting up the above. It took less than 5 minutes for me to create the WiFi spot including the download of the software.  In my setup the second PC is running XP service pack 2.

Connect PCs using Connectify

Even if you do not have LAN connection you can still use Connectify to connect two laptops and create a small workgroup. For this just do exactly the same steps mentioned above and create a WI-Fi hotspot. You can share files among these two laptops and can remote desktop from one laptop to another. 

If you also have two laptops and want to share one single LAN connection you can try this great tip.  Please come back and share your experiences here.

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  • Brian August 16, 2011, 8:16 am

    I could set that Wifi router successfully. The normal connectivity to web is working fine. But I am having problem with VPN connection. If I try to VPN from a XP computer which is connected to a Wifi connection from Windows 7, things are not working. anyone seen this problem?

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