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I am currently using Firefox 6.0.1. In previous versions of Firefox, We could view the html source of a web page by going to View-> Page source. In Firefox 6, this feature is still there but it’s moved to a different place now. Click on Tools –> Web Developer. Here you can find ‘Page Source’ [...]


I have recently upgraded my Windows XP computer to Windows 7.  I use Putty connection manager to connect to Linux servers. It provides tabbed Putty sessions for connecting to Telnet/SSH servers.  This tool has some issues specific to Windows 7 OS. I   had saved the database file before upgrading to Win7 and imported the connections [...]


I use Cisco AnyConnect on my Windows 7 computer  to make VPN connections. It also has capability to connect to WiFi. But I always had problems in connecting toWiFi with AnyConnect. Connection drops frequently and it keeps saying ‘Acquiring IP address‘. AnyConnect installs a service called ‘Network Access Manager‘ which seems like takes over the [...]


In Outlook 2010 we can add signature as per the below steps. Click on File Menu(or press Alt – F) Click on Options In the ‘Outlook options’ window click on ‘Mail’ tab from the left side pane. Now you can see the setting ‘Create or modify signatures for messages‘. Click on the ‘Signatures‘ button next [...]


Outlook supports IMAP and POP protocols for accessing emails from other mail servers. In Outlook 2010, we can configure the settings to access email from Gmail account. Steps are explained below. Enable IMAP access for your Gmail account Login to your Gmail account and go to options ->Mail Settings Click on ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP‘ Tick [...]


The following Windows 7 editions does not support premium games like Chess Titans. If your computer is running on these editions, then you need to find some third party chess software to play chess on your computer. Chess titans game is available by default in the following editions of Windows 7. Windows 7 Home Premium [...]


Microsoft Outlook can remind users about meetings and to do tasks. It pops up a small window which shows the meeting/task description and also plays sound. We can disable reminders in Outlook 2010 by changing the options. Let’s see how we can do this. Click on File menu.(or press Alt-F) Click on Options Go to [...]


If you are upgrading your computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, then go through the following important things. Backup the data: If you have more than one drive on your computer, then back up all your data to the non system drive(the non OS partitions). It’s recommended not to keep any data in the [...]

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This post explains how to troubleshoot problems in installing Service pack 1(SP1) on Windows 7. Download System update readiness tool from the below locations. Windows 7 32-bit (x86)   Download Windows 7 64-bit (x64)   Download Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit (x64)  Download Windows Server 2008 R2 Itanium-based Download Download the tool and run it.  The update readiness tool scans registry keys, system configuration files, [...]


I am running Firefox 4.0 my Windows XP SP2 computer which has two monitors. I have observed the following issues. 1. If I open a new window in Firefox(like Downloads window or any other popup window), it does not open the new window in the same monitor firefox is currently displayed but in the other [...]