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Administratively assigned offline files

We know that in order to use a network folder in offline mode, we need to mark that folder for offline cache by right clicking and then selecting “Make available offline”. But we can have few special folders which does not require this step and are still available offline. These files/folders are called administratively assigned offline files/folders or admin pinned files. The list of these special folders can be configured using group policy as mentioned below.

  • Open domain Group policy object editor. (see Opening GPO editor in Server 2003 )
  • Go to User Configuration -> Administrative templates -> Network -> Offline files
    Now on the right side pane you can see a list of settings.
  • Double click on the setting “Administratively assigned offline files” and Select the “Enabled” check box.
  • Click on “Show…”
  • Add the folders here
  • click OK and Apply
  • Close the window

We can follow these steps to create admin assigned files at a system level also by configuring the group policy of that particular system (which can be opened by gpedit.msc)

The list of administratively assigned offline folders is stored in the registry database under the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionNetCacheAssignedOfflineFolders. 


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