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Configuring Poderosa terminal emulator

Poderosa is a utility that provides tabbed command windows for ssh/telnet connections. This is similar to Gnome terminal in Linux. This post explains how to configure Poderosa. This application is an alternative for Putty connection manager.

The latest version of Poderosa(4.1.0) can be downloaded from the link – //en.poderosa.org/news/2006-11-22.html. Download the exe file and install it on your system.

You can create a connection to a server by clicking on File and then ‘New Telnet/SSH Connection‘. Enter host name, user name and password. You can also select the protocol i.e telnet or ssh. If you do not want to save the password in Poderosa you can select ‘Keyboard interactive‘ in the authentication field. Then click on OK button. A connection will be opened to the server and also the connection settings will be saved. Next time when you want to open connection to this server you can just click ‘File‘, ‘New telnet/SSH connection‘ and then select the server in the host field and then press OK.

How to change background/text color in Poderosa?

Click on Tools -> Options -> Display. You can see lot of settings in this window. You can set text color, back ground color. You can also set a image as the background of the terminal window.

How to increase the window text buffer size?

We would frequently want to refer the output of the commands we executed previously. For this we need to set the buffer length to the required value. This can be done from Terminal tab in the settings window. Settings window can be opened from Tool -> Options

Right click is not pasting the text in the window?

Open Settings window by clicking Tools -> Options and then click on Operation.  On the left side you can find several settings related to mouse operation. For the setting ‘Option for right click’ select ‘Paste‘. The default value is ‘Context menu

What are the keyboard short cuts? Can we reset them?

There are many keyboard shortcuts defined in Tools -> Options -> Command.  If you want to reset the shortcuts, click on the operation from the list and then type the shortcut sequence in the ‘New allocation‘ text field and then press ‘Allocate‘ button.

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  • Ctrl+Alt+F1 June 23, 2011, 3:58 pm

    I like very much this terminal emulator, I think is the best one.
    But now, I migrate to Seven and I have a problem: The changes do not been saved for the next time you open the aplication.
    Some one know a solution for this isue?


  • Saravanan September 22, 2011, 12:21 am

    I found a solution for this.
    When installing poderosa choose a different directory location other than Program files directory. so that the settings will be changed.

  • Aziz Hussain September 13, 2012, 4:46 pm

    To save the settings you will need to run the program as an administrator if your installation directory is program files.

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