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Disable system restore by configuring group policy

Administrators can disable system restore functionality on all the computers joined to a domain by configuring domain group policy. This can be done as follows.  The below steps apply to a Server 2003 domain. Irrespective of whether the client is a Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 you can follow the below steps for 2k3 domain.

  • Open group policy object editor for the domain(see Opening Group policy object editor).
  • Expand the node Computer configuration
  • Expand the node Administrative templates
  • Expand the node System
  • Select the node System Restore. Now in the right side pane you can see system restore related policy settings.
  • Double click on the setting “Turn off system restore
  • Select Enabled check button
  • Click on Apply and OK buttons.
  • Close Group policy object editor.
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