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Do not display last user name in Logon screen

Windows logon screen shows the user name of the last logged in user.  If you do not want the user name to be displayed you can disable it by modifying registry keys or by changing the security policy on the system.

Registry settings

Open registry editor and set the below registry key to 1.

Using Group/Security policy settings:

  • Open security policy console by running secpol.msc from Run window.   This console can also be viewed in Group policy editor(gpedit.msc) under the node Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security settings -> Local Policies
  • Open Local Policies -> Security settings
  • Double click on the setting ‘Interactive logon: Do not display last user name
Setting for displaying last logged in user name
  • Disable the setting by selecting  ‘Disabled’ check button.

If you want to provide shutdown option in the Windows logon screen, check this. How to enable shutdown button in Logon screen.

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