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How to make a network share available offline in Windows XP?

 Do the following to make a network folder available offline. Offline files should be enabled before running these steps. See the post How to enable offline files in Windows XP.

  • Open the network share and select the file or folder that you want to make available offline
  • Right click the share or file
  • Select “Make available offline
  • Now the offline files wizard starts. It asks if the sub folders also should be made offline available or not.
  • Select one of these and then click next
  • Now Offline Files marks the files as offline available and copies the folders/files to the local offline cache folder.
  • The files/folders marked for offline availability will have a small arrow mark on the bottom left corner on their icons.
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  • Anonymous July 30, 2012, 10:49 pm

    When I try to make a (large) network share available offline, Windows XP starts to sync, but then the computer completely freezes after 5 to 15 seconds. I have to hold down the power button, as nothing else will work. Any ideas/suggestions?

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