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Microsoft uses Google adsense for it’s product campaign

Well, this post  is off topic.. also it’s not about something new..But I still find it a big surprise that Microsoft uses the services of it’s biggest rival for its product campaign. And the rival in question is none other than Google, the giant in search and internet based services. Yes, it’ true. If you have never noticed this see the below screen shots I have captured on a tech site.

I think it makes sense from Microsoft point of view to use Google services as it will enable them to target non-Bing users and non-Windows platform users. At the same time it’s not so convincing that Microsoft contributes to the income of Google whom it’s trying hook and nail to catch up with. Microsoft started its own ad serving product Microsoft Adcenter  way back in August 2006. It also made an alliance with Yahoo in 2009 to target Google in the search Market. 

Google, with its dominance in search domain, is also leading in the online advertising market. Being the first ad serving product of its kind it has virtually captured the online market worldwide. Having a large pool of both publishers and advertisers is letting it to continue its dominance. Publishers does not want to switch to another program because of the large pool of advertisers Google Adsense has. And Google understands this well and it always tries to keep it’s advertisers happy by coming up with new strategies to make sure that the advertisers get value for their ad investment through adsense.  

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