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Manage multiple remote desktop connections with Remote desktop connection manager

Remote desktop connection manager is a utility that provides docking console for remote desktop connections. If you use remote desktop feature to connect to multiple computers then this would be very useful for you.  You can create connection settings for the remote computers and you can just open the TS connection with a single click whenever you want. You don’t need to provide user name and password each time you connect to the server.

Remote desktop connection manager version 2.2 (This one is the latest version at the time of this post) can be downloaded from the below location.

On Windows XP, this works with remote desktop client 7.0 version only.

Configuring Remote Desktop Connection Manager:

  • Install RDC manager from the above location and launch it.
  • First we need to create a RDC group. Click on File and then select New. Specify a name for the new group.
  • After this you can see a new group created in the left side console. Now right click on the new group and select ‘Add Server‘. Click on ‘Yes‘ in the warning window.


  •  Enter the server name and display name.
  •  Now click on ‘Logon Credentials‘ tab. If you want to use the currently logged in user’s credentials to connect to the remote server then you do not need to change anything in this tab. Otherwise you need to unselect the check button ‘inherit from parent’ and then enter user name, password and domain details. The settings in all other tabs in this window are advanced and you do not need to change them.
  • Now Click on Add button. After this snapshot of RDC manager would be like below. Since we have not yet connected to the server it’s being shown with red cross mark indicating that the server is in disconnected status.
  • Now double click on the server name ‘myserver.domain.com’ and the TS session will be opened in the Remote desktop connection manager window.
  • As described above you can add new groups and servers in the console. You can also move servers from one group to another by drag and drop method.

There seems to be an issue with RDC manager when we try to close the window. It always reports the error ‘RDCMan has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience‘ whenever I close the application.

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