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Join Windows computer to domain

Following are the steps for joining a windows computer to a domain.  The steps are given separately for XP and Vista/Windows 7 computers.

How to join a Vista  or Windows 7 computer to a domain:

  • Click on the start button(Shortcut for this : Ctrl-Esc)
  • Right click on Computer
  • Select Properties from the context menu
  • Click Change Settings under ‘Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings
  • Select Computer name tab in System properties window
  • Click on Change
  • Enter appropriate domain name under the Domain check button and click OK.
  • Give the credentials of the user account having privileges to join a machine into the domain
  • Reboot the machine

How to join a Windows XP computer to a domain:
A Windows XP(or Server 2003) machine can be joined to a domain in the following way.

  • Click Start Button
  • Right click ‘My computer
  • Select ‘Properties
  • Select the tab ‘Computer name
Now you can see the computer name and
also the name of the domain it is joined to if it is a XP professional
or 2003 server box. We do not see domain name in XP Home boxes.
  • Now click the button ‘change
Enter the name in the domain name box and then click ‘OK’. You
will be asked for the credentials of the domain user. Enter username
and password appropriately. Then you will be prompted for system reboot,
say ‘yes’ and machine will be rebooted. After reboot you can see that
the system is joined to the new domain.

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