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Set up signature in Outlook 2007

In Outlook 2007, we can setup signature as follows.

  • Launch Outlook and click on Tools menu and select Options
  • Select Mail Format tab.
  • Click on Signatures button(shown in the above snapshot). It opens a windows with the title “Signatures and Stationery”.
  • Now click New and enter a name for the signature. And then add the text in the bottom text box.
  • Click Save and OK.

Where is the Outlook signature file stored? 

The signature files can be located in %appdataMicrosoftSignatures (i.e C:Documents and SettingsloginidApplication DataMicrosoftSignatures in XP) directory.

How to add image or icon to outlook signature?

You can add an image to the signature by clicking on the picture icon in the Signatures and stationary windows(second image above).  This picture icon is next to the Business card icon in the window.After clicking the picture link you will be prompted to specify the image file location. Select the image file and then click on the insert button.

Registry settings for Outlook signature?

Outlook signature settings are not stored in registry keys. They are saved in files as mentioned above.


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