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How to disable “test mode windows 7 build 7600/7601”

In Windows7, some times users see the following text  “Test Mode Windows 7 build 7600” on the desktop screen at the right bottom. On my Windows 7 SP1 computer this looks like as below.

Test mode Windows 7 build 7600

In Windows 7 RTM(i.e without SP1 installed), it shows the build number as 7600.

The question you might have is ‘Why it’s showing this test mode message’?. In Windows 7, we can’t install unsigned 3rd party drivers by default. To install such unsigned drivers, we need to explicitly enable test signing. When we enable this test signing, we see the test mode message on the desktop.

How to disable the message “test mode windows 7 build 7600”?

You can disable this test mode by running the following command from windows command line.

bcdedit /set testsigning off

You can execute this command only if you have administrator privileges on the system. You need to run the command from elevated administrator command prompt.

After running the command, you need to reboot your computer to make the changes effective.

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  • lostinspace August 27, 2016, 4:29 pm

    Hi,I`ve tried hundreds of times to fix the test mode using cmd but it always fails to execute,does not recognize the command.Tried to fix system 32 folder,fixed the permissions to unlimited but yet,it fails again and again…Please help me,tell me what am I doing wrong.My PC is running 64bit windows 7 professional .

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